The Bike Smith



5 Responses to The Bike Smith

  1. Ben Pawson says:

    I just got my bike back after upgrading the drive chain. Friendly, helpful and knew his stuff. Chaotic and a bit messy, but great end product and stunning value. Recommended if you are not in a hurry.

  2. Matt B says:

    Friendly enough and definitely chaotic. However, recent service wasn’t too great. Front mech was poorly adjusted and chain came off first time I changed onto it. Happened several more times in next few hundred meters. And brakes didn’t feel that well adjusted either. Ended up redoing gears and brakes myself to a better standard and I ain’t a mechanic.

    Also discovered that incorrect scewers had been attached to the bike. Received poor excuses for changing scewers in first place (didn’t have your special tool, so had to make my own and then couldn’t get them back on) and failing to contact me (didn’t like to call late at night and then never kept your phone number later to phone).

    Scewer issue has been resolved and free labour offered for next service, but not sure I want to head back for now.

  3. peter says:

    Workshop a bit untidy but thought i’d chance it anyway. got full service on bike and was ready same night so i didn’t need to get the bus home. Even told me what sort of stuff would need replacing in future but wasn’t trying to up-sell or anything.
    Overall am pretty glad i came across this place, bike is better than ever and didn’t charge too much for labour either.

  4. Tim Mitchell says:

    I decided to build a cruiser bike this year, once I had my frame sprayed and all parts i needed i took it all to The Bike Smith. The service was great, the knowledge was spot on and they turned my dumb idea of a beach cruiser into a stunning sweet ride. It’s so nice to walk into a shop and have all the employees be so switched on. For all your biking needs go the The Bike Smith, i’m so glad i did!

  5. Ali says:

    Fast and honest service with a transparent pricing structure.
    Great resurrection of my poor neglected bike, very happy customer here.

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