This site has basic info about shops that sell and repair bicycles in Edinburgh Scotland.

It’s brought to you by the CityCyclingEdinburgh forum – a friendly place to ask questions, discuss Edinburgh and generally hang out!
Mtb shopping cartoon by Greta Snider
Edinburgh is fortunate to have a range of shops. Put your postcode here and find the nearest ones. Try a few, ask for advice, choose one you feel comfortable with.

Bikes are also sold in Supermarkets and DIY stores. Often pretty cheap – you get what you pay for, but will they be able to help if you have a problem? A good secondhand bike is usually better value than a very cheap new one.

As Jacquie Phelan says “Choosing a Shop – walk into store, making a mental note of your sense of height in inches when you go in. Wait for service, observe the reception you get, talk (if you can get the fellow’s attention), then take note of your stature upon leaving the store.

If you feel appreciably smaller, do not return. Find another bike shop, and hope for a real human connection, a salesperson interested in what you want to do on your new bike, how you intend to use it.”


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